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The Roots of Slot-Based Encumbrance

Slot-based or item-counting encumbrance is popular these days, and for good reason. It's easy, requires no calculations, and it works. Basically, instead of tallying up the weight of a bunch of individual objects, players just keep a list of how many items they are carrying. Cross your maximum threshold and you are encumbered. Items carried are assumed to average out in weight and bulk. The number you can carry may be fixed for all characters, or may be modified by a Strength stat or the like, or by the carrying conveyances your character has. Don't count your amulet or your spoon. Tiny stuff doesn't get counted. Big stuff counts as two items or more. Carrying ability becomes a transparent limited resource. Resource management is popular among players who hearken after the feeling of early RPGs (even though most players in the old days scarcely bothered with encumbrance, in my experience), but tallying numbers is not popular. This method suits both preferences. Arguably, t