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One Year of Writing about Role-Playing Games, 2020-2021

Today marks one year since I began this blog. It has served the purpose that I wanted it to serve for me. This last year of thinking and reading about role-playing games again, and playing them regularly again, compelled me to collect my thoughts and recollections in words, to put together the fragmented archives of my memory, to rummage through old boxes of the games I had not sold or given away, and to write about some of what I found. I also have been taking a look at what's new out there, with mixed feelings about it. A novice with social media, I never expected more than a few glances by readers, but instead there have been tens of thousands. Many left comments of encouragement and interesting reflection. Many filled me in on interesting things I never knew. A few dear souls let me know that they did not like what I had to say. I am grateful for all your remarks. Each one taught me something. As I said in the first post, "When I run out of things to say, I’m going to stop